While taking into account the particular «pyramidal» structure of sports, we provide sports federations, sports clubs and other bodies of organised sports with the following services in particular: 

  • Support and representation in proceedings before internal and external bodies, including the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS);
  • Analyses of potential risks in the light of applicable laws, rules and regulations, including international (especially EU) relations;
  • Drafting of reports and decisions of internal compliance bodies (such as disciplinary or ethics committees);
  • Supporting and advising compliance bodies in performing their functions and duties;
  • Advice and representation in the context of disciplinary and/or ethics proceedings for individuals and entities affected by sanctions;
  • Support and advice with regard to establishing and evolving governance and compliance structures (reforms);
  • Drafting and review of internal regulations and directives;
  • Drafting of contracts and structuring of contractual relations;
  • Advising, and training of, internal bodies and staff;
  • Consideration of EU Law and Policy, if applicable.