We provide companies, other corporations (such as associations, private societies or federations) as well as foundations with the following services in particular:

  • Support in choosing the appropriate legal form;
  • Contract negotiation, drafting, management, and enforcement: In order to avoid cost-consuming legal proceedings, contracts must be drafted with utmost diligence – just using standard templates or clauses is not sufficient at all;
  • Obtaining and maintaining of regulatory permits and authorisations, especially in the life sciences field;
  • Advice and support on all corporate and commercial legal matters, including anti-trust and data protection matters as well as EU-Switzerland relations and other international issues;
  • Assumption, if necessary, of the functions of an external legal department (outsourcing) for SMEs and startups;
  • Establishing and optimising Governance and Compliance systems;
  • Drafting and review of internal regulations and directives;
  • Analyses of potential risks in the light of applicable laws, rules and regulations, including the relevant international (especially EU) framework;
  • Dispute resolution by arbitration;
  • Supporting and advising compliance bodies in performing their functions and duties;
  • Advising, and training of, internal bodies and staff.